HI-FIVE Attends AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium in Chicago

By Daniela Lopez


Representing the HI-FIVE team during the AMIA 2016 Annual Conference was a great experience! I had the unique opportunity to meet and network with various professionals, students, and academics that either have interest in or are currently working in Health Information Technology (HIT).


Throughout the symposium, I had the opportunity to learn about relevant topics in contemporary healthcare. Workshops on topics such as public policy, value-based payments, and healthcare transformation paralleled the workforce needs we identified and provided further support for our HI-FIVE (Health Information For Innovation, Value, & Enrichment) training program.


One of the most rewarding experiences during the symposium was seeing a strong interest in the HI-FIVE training, which many healthcare professionals may benefit from. Similar to our findings from interviews of healthcare Subject Matter Experts, conversations I had with individuals at the conference mirrored those findings. Many attendees said that a program such as HI-FIVE would facilitate improvement in care from the front door personnel all the way to the physician’s office! Others expressed the importance of policy changes that have occurred, of which they were not familiar with. The diverse conversations I made during the conference made clear that our program could help all professionals in their daily activities.


Our courses presented from “Clinical”, “Administrative/IT,” and “Social/Peer” perspectives shed light on specific sessions from the symposium such as clinical informatics, nursing informatics, and prescription drug databases. Our demand for advances in and the utilization of HIT continues to increase and was apparent that a training such as HI-FIVE has a valuable and lasting place in the healthcare industry.


Our team had a great time sharing the HI-FIVE training program and learning about the great things our AMIA colleagues are up to! Check out our poster “Assessing Healthcare Workforce Training Needs for Health Information Technology-Enabled Healthcare Transformation” here.




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