User Testimonials

We think our training is great, but don’t take it from us. Here is what some of our trainees have to say!


“This is an exciting time in healthcare, and the HI-FIVE training captures the essence of what healthcare professionals need to know in health IT. Dr. Kukafka and her team have drawn upon three decades of DBMI experience and external expertise, and they have succeeded in making this material accessible to many. The potential impact of this training is immeasurable.”

-Dr. George Hripcsak, Chair of Columbia University’s Department of Biomedical Informatics


“Thanks so much for your time and effort developing this course! The content was just what I was looking for and was delivered in a clear, concise manner.”


“Great base knowledge, which is very pertinent to my career, particularly with the rapidly changing healthcare landscape!”


“…The knowledge that I gained from this course will help me navigate through the changes at a faster pace. The lectures about patient communication were a real representation of the struggle we are all going through to help empower our patients and their families and send the right message to them through educational material… Overall, this was a course that I really enjoyed and I have already started using some of the language that I have learned in my communications with the all the team members. Thank you all for your efforts, well done!”


“I took this course to see how helpful it can be for my HIT knowledge, truthfully it illuminate all my HIT knowledge beyond my imagination. The method of teaching was too good even for a lay man that wants to learn”


“This course was extremely valuable to me as a non-health professional… I am very appreciative for this opportunity and extremely pleased with the information presented. This education should afford me a greater understanding of the many challenges and opportunities we face in healthcare today, and a glimpse into how my expertise in IT could make things better for our coworkers, patients, and the community. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much! This course exceeded all of my expectations. I learned so much”


“Thanks so much for the informative course! I learned a lot and much of the information will help me in my job. I appreciate the time and effort it must have taken to create the course.”


“This course is a blueprint for budding doctors in their quest for their elixir of life. The best (for me 
seminal) part of the course was distinction between different fields of informatics with examples. Hitherto, everyone seems to be confused with Public Health informatics, Population Health Informatics, Population Health Management. This course has glued the different pieces into a perfectly fitting Jigsaw puzzle. The best Informatics related course I have seen encompassing the whole breadth of Healthcare Transformation through Health IT.”


“Very enjoyable and easy to follow course. This course is a nice complement to my daily work. Thank you.”


“This was a very informative course. It help me realize that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to improve interoperability between EHRs as well as improving communication with the patients and families as well as communication between providers. This will most certainly help me in the work that I’m involved in right now which is family centered care. We already invite the parents to participate in morning rounds with all the team members. The lecture about trust was loaded with helpful information. Great work!!”


“Fantastic basic overview course with important content for those in the healthcare arena!”



“This was an excellent course. I could go at my pace. I loved that I was in the comfort of my environment”


“This is an excellent program, I will recommended to everyone who can use it.”


“I am a nurse, with a MBA and currently work as a director of nursing at an Academic Medical center… so when I learned of this course I thought it would be fitting for me to continue to gain more knowledge of HIT and its application to population health management… I am thrilled that I was given the opportunity because the knowledge gained is priceless. The material was presented in a manner that brought the information to life. It was very easily understood and captivated my interest throughout all of the modules. I have such clarity now that I will be steering my career in the area of population health management. Thank you very much!”


“Thank you! This course was great, especially from someone who has only had the business/consulting perspective in the past. Very useful tools for communication with actual doctors and healthcare providers, and I look forward to the upcoming class with a business/financial management aspect!”


“This was a great learning experience (plus a few reminders here and there) about the key role that Information Technology plays in the Health Care Continuum, the value of coordinating care for the patient (the customer). I will definitely utilize (and build on) the knowledge gathered these past 4 weeks.”






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